And now time for a standup career

with Tom Howley as Mr Sheridan Whiteside 

‚ÄčIn rehearsals now for "The Man Who Came to Dinner". This is a lot of fun and laughs and I am finally free to exercise my comedic chops. If you are in Washington, DC from July 23-26, please come to Theater J, at the DCJCC, 16th & Q Sts NW... and be prepared to cheer me on!!!

‚ÄčOn a different note, I have been enjoying the residual checks from Disney/Marvel's "Thor, The Dark World". Am really loving this part!!

And... look for me in an upcoming episode of Animal Planet's "Monsters Inside Me"... if you enjoy watching such shows.  My segment is tame-- only malaria.  No big deal.

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So, we are now "after" the play and my thanks to so many of my friends and family who indeed came out to support me and my first stage appearance.