A little something about me. I am very passionate about the things that I love. I love construction- demolition and reconstruction. I like photography a lot, though not on the scale of construction.  I adore acting and the more I do, the more passionate I become.  I arrived late to this profession... decided that this is more productive than a mid life crisis.  So here I am. 

More than anything else, I am thoroughly enjoying the process. Can you call me a struggling actress? Yes, because I do indeed struggle to get noticed-- but my next dinner or mortgage payment does not rely on my success.  Thank God.

I am learning from some of the best in theater and television. For that I am grateful and also awed by such talent. Most of all, exploring the actor in me is fun!

Speaking of "fun", I have discovered the comedic actress in me!  What a revelation and I believe I would much rather make people laugh than cry! Check out my stand up comedy act!!


dori phaff

​actor with a lot of moxie!!